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Can't Buy My Love

The Girl Power Romance Collection

It all started with a couch.

I’m Brennan Scott, best car saleswoman at Scott’s Family Ford. And not because my family’s name is plastered on the door. No, I earned my job and accolades fair and square.

I love matching people with cars best suited for their needs. It’s a gift I honed over the years. In fact, I spent so much time focusing on my job, I neglected my personal life. Cars I knew; love I didn’t.

That all changed in a furniture store with Dillon Knight and a couch. He was merely a pawn in my game; he didn’t know the rules, and apparently, neither did I. Fate intervened again when he showed up at my family’s dealership.

Turns out, I didn’t only want to sell Dillon a brand-new truck. My love was also on the market.

The “Girl Power Collection” is a celebration of feminism in an unprecedented manner and will serve as an inspiration for millions of readers across the globe.

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