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I loved this series starter! These were fun & quirky characters and it takes place in an interesting small town. The question that has to be asked is "do you ever truly get over your true love?" which is what these characters have to ask. I loved the Creek Valley Creamery crew and am excited for more stories set in this town.


After Eight picks right up where Rocky Road left off. Tyson is home for a quick visit around Christmastime to see the CVC crew. He has a little extra fun while he is home, then heads back to Chicago. Stevie is spunky and witty. She tries to hide how she feels about Tyson being home, but her feelings get the best of her. One decision made between Tyson and Stevie leads to many more decisions to be made later on.
After Eight is a fun read with real life consequences and tough decisions. As is the author’s fashion - you feel right at home with each character - as if you are part of the CVC crew.
Grab your book, some ice cream, and a comfy chair. After Eight is going to be your next favorite book! -D.Yoder

I fell in love with this author when reading her "Where Forever Leads" from the Falls Village Series and have read more of her work since. I must say this story is one of her best. -Nicole Sharon B.

I love how this author is able to take some of the hardest experiences adults can face and manage to turn things around to find the positive. It’s like she’s giving us an achievable “how to find your happy” instruction manual because I think anyone can find something relatable about her books. -Jenn

I am a total fan of single parent books, and this one definitely makes it amongst some of of my favorites. The storyline was amazing. The banter amongst the characters was fun and endearing. The characters themselves were awesome.
This author has yet to give me a book I don't love. I doubt she ever will. AWESOME READ!!! -Nicole M.

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