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Waiting on Forever

Brayden Tanner wasn’t my first love, but he should have been my last.

Our life was all planned out, or so I thought, until one night ruined it all.

Now, four years later, I’m home for a town wide celebration, dreading a guaranteed encounter with the boy I left behind. And our first confrontation is as frosty as the ice cream at Sir Frosty’s, my favorite local shop.

One spin on a carnival ride dredges up all the reasons I initially fell in love with him. Soon, the more time we spend together, the more I realize the spark ignited years ago never dimmed.

Now I’m questioning everything, including the truth of why I left. But are we too late?

Does our relationship deserve a second chance or will we still be waiting on forever?

Forever in Laketon Series

Forever Squared

The sequel to Waiting on Forever.

People say married life is bliss.

That's what I’m banking on after marrying Brayden Tanner, the love of my life. He's quite the catch: he cooks, he cleans, and despite his propensity for mint chocolate chip ice cream, he's the only man I’ve ever wanted.

Unfortunately, for Brayden and me, life's never gone the way we’ve expected.

Does "happily ever after" truly exist if life continuously hands you one disappointment after another?

Forever and a Day

 A follow-up novella to Waiting on Forever and Forever Squared.

I’ve known Brayden Tanner since I was five years old. Sure, maybe I didn’t fall head over heels in love that day, but the spark was always there. Then, you know, life happened; sparks don’t always last.

But eventually, first came love, then marriage, and then even the baby carriage. Well, carriages, so it seems.
Four times I’ve been blessed.
Four times the diapers.
Four times the sleepless nights.
Four times the crazy.
Most importantly, four times the love.

Through it all, there’s been ONE constant: Brayden Tanner. And for that, I wouldn’t trade my life for anything.

Every day is chaos, yet it’s ours. And I hope it lasts forever....and a day.

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