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Creek Valley Creamery Series

Campbell Drake.
“He died. Come home.”
Home. Creek Valley, Massachusetts, a place I haven’t lived in six years. Returning means facing the town I deserted, but also confronting the boy I intended to marry. I gave my teenaged heart to Reid Madera, and as much as I loved him, I’d had no choice but to leave him behind without an explanation.

As months bled into years, it was easier to stay away and give up any future I had planned. Now I’m left with no choice but to come for a visit. If nothing else, for closure—for a man I’ve long admired and a future with Reid.

Except I’ve been lying to myself all these years–I’ve never moved on nor stopped loving him. But Creek Valley is no longer home, and Reid’s no longer mine.

And I’m not sure I have the courage to risk our hearts a second time…

Tyson Shinkle, Creek Valley’s infamous playboy.

He’s easy on the eyes, but even his friends warned me away from him. But did I listen? Nope.

Like many others that came before me, I fell under his charms. More than once. Totally broke his “one night” rule.
And then again.
And another time after that.
And where did it get me?

Knocked up.

I’m in no way prepared to have a baby nor do I have the first clue how to tell the man he’s going to be a father.

To complicate matters, he doesn’t live in Creek Valley. Heck, he doesn’t even like Creek Valley. He’s certainly not going to keep coming back for me or a baby. Once a player, always a player, right?

Yeah, that’s what I thought too. Who knew I was wrong?

At first glance, Sawyer Tolland is a “bad boy” if ever there was one.

Trouble with a capital T.  I’ve had my fair share of trouble to last a lifetime. It’s the reason I’m in Creek Valley.

Everywhere I go, Sawyer shows up, his brooding expression constantly analyzing me. He thinks he knows me, can read me, can see past the mask I wear. Not that he’ll ever find out what I’m hiding. My past is locked up tightly in a box without a key.

Under the grumpy exterior hides a complicated man, and I’m having trouble reconciling his many sides. Because the man beneath his facade is a man I could use in my corner, the only one who holds the key to unlocking my secrets.

If only I was a girl who had something more to offer than the scars of a horrible past.
Because when he sees those, he won’t like them.
Even if it’s him who thinks he isn’t good enough for me.

New Release

Final Book in the Series

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A spare bedroom.
A years’ long unrequited crush.
What could possibly go wrong…
I’m a planner to a T and driven by routine, but even I couldn’t have foreseen the rental house I’m living in going into foreclosure.
Enter Griffin Autz, my best friend’s younger brother, who offers me his spare bedroom.
Do I want to be living in his personal space? No.
But with no other choices available in our small town, I accept. It should be fine—as long as I can hide the feelings I have for him, something he’s been oblivious to during the past six years.


No worries.
I’ve got this.
Easy peasy.
Or not.

Living with him, seeing him day in and day out–constantly shirtless–fuels the fire within me.
Then one drunken night, I kiss my new roommate.
And it seems I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to stop at kissing…

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