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Rocky Waters Series


Defining Us

I was never a girl who believed in love. And love at first sight? Surely that didn't truly exist. So imagine my surprise when, after one kiss from Grayson Abbott, I asked him to marry me! I was kidding of course, but there was something special about the guy that even I couldn't deny.

Our connection was instant; he felt it, too. The only problem was he didn't know the secret of my past that I buried years ago. The closer we became, the further down I buried that secret.

I know he deserves my truth, but when I finally come clean, will there still be an "us"?

The Breaking Point

Two pink lines will forever change our lives.
All I wanted for my life was more than I had in my childhood. Someone to love me, flaws and all.
Enter Caleb Washington.
Time and again, he’s kept his promise to stand by me, even when I’ve given him many reasons to walk away. Caleb loves hard, and it’s always been enough for the both of us.
Until an unexpected pregnancy jeopardizes the balance of our tumultuous relationship.
Caleb will do right by our child; it’s me I wonder about.
Will this baby be our saving grace, or will this finally be his breaking point?

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