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The Lawn Boy

The All American Boy Series

The first time I speak to the neighbor’s lawn boy he asks me if I need landscaping. By the gleam in his piercing blue eyes, he isn’t talking about my lawn.

In an uncharacteristically bold move, I invite the guy I barely know to my place. After his initial “assessment” of my needs, our evening doesn’t stop there.
In Deacon, Texas, go big or go home, right?

The weeks that follow, Nash Denton makes sure he is the only one to handle my daily maintenance. He fills a missing gap in my life—bringing laughter, good times, and genuine care.

When sickness knocks me down, Nash is there. Turns out this illness isn’t the contagious kind. Nope, this lawn boy sure knows how to make things grow.

One question remains—will he stick around and nurture my lawn or will he soon be tending someone else's landscape?

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