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Laketon 2.0


Love Unscripted

Fate stepped in the day I met Junior Abbott. A little persistence from the man himself, and our love was meant to be.

For years, we’ve been happily married, living the life I imagined as a young girl. Love, marriage, the kids in the baby carriage. With Junior, I’ve got it all.

Such isn’t the case for my twin brother. When he and his wife ask me to be their surrogate, I readily agree. Without so much as a thought to what it could do to my family, it’s the least I can do to provide this child they so desperately want.

Sometimes love is solid. Other times, nothing comes easy.

When complications arise, I can only hope my fairy tale life still ends in happily ever after.

Life Unscripted

In one night, my life became unscripted.

What I thought I knew, what I thought I deserved, what I thought life had planned for me was all thrown out the window.

I thought I knew love, what it meant to love another person so strongly that love consumed me. Fate had other ideas, and that night changed everything.

Thrown into the unknown, I learned who I could count on. What I didn’t account for was her and the unconventional relationship we started to build.

I’m struggling to deal with the loss, but it’s not just about me anymore—she needs me more than ever.

How do I rewrite this new future so I don’t let her down?


Brew Play Love

Coffee and words. Two things I know well, things I’m good at. Fortunately for me, I found a way to combine the two. The local coffee shop has become my preferred work spot as I spend hours reading the way the authors I work with string together words to create novels.

Every day, I sit at my table, working on my laptop, a cup of coffee keeping me on task. Until the one day a car happens to catch my attention, a set of eyes that have me craving another glimpse.

From the first time our gazes meet, something clicks, a connection through a pane of glass. And I want to know more.

It becomes a game we play each morning, a habit, an addiction, just like my morning cup of java. I need more than these stolen moments with my coffee girl, and it seems, fate is on my side.

Even for a true wordsmith like me, the words for what brews around us escape me. For the first time in my life, I’m at a complete loss for words.

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