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Where Forever Leads

Falls Village is my fresh start.

After a quick weekend getaway to recharge—and a hot one-night stand—I never considered moving to the quaint harbor town. However, after my divorce was finalized, I made a somewhat hasty decision to pack up and start over in Falls Village.

I haven’t forgotten about Graham, a man I spent one night with knowing only his first name. He was supposed to be a fling, a reminder of my single woman status.

When our paths cross again, complications abound.

Her green eyes originally drew me in. I spent the day showing her around my favorite town and the night buried inside her. We agreed to keep personal details to ourselves; all I knew was her first name—Avery.

I’m utterly shocked when she shows up at my office. Between my position in town, the fact she’s a single mother and newly divorced, it’s a moral dilemma at its finest.

I shouldn’t want her. But I do.
She should say no. But she doesn’t.
We shouldn’t pursue a relationship. But we do.

With so many challenges standing in our way, will we have a chance to discover where forever leads?

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