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Creek Valley Creamery

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Welcome to Creek Valley, Massachusetts! Get to know the "Creamery Crew" in this small-town series of interconnected steamy romances centering around a crew of friends and their local creamery.

New Release in the
Creek Valley Creamery Series

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A spare bedroom.
A years’ long unrequited crush.
What could possibly go wrong…
I’m a planner to a T and driven by routine, but even I couldn’t have foreseen the rental house I’m living in going into foreclosure.
Enter Griffin Autz, my best friend’s younger brother, who offers me his spare bedroom.
Do I want to be living in his personal space? No.
But with no other choices available in our small town, I accept. It should be fine—as long as I can hide the feelings I have for him, something he’s been oblivious to during the past six years.


No worries.
I’ve got this.
Easy peasy.
Or not.

Living with him, seeing him day in and day out–constantly shirtless–fuels the fire within me.
Then one drunken night, I kiss my new roommate.
And it seems I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to stop at kissing…

Author Signing Events

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April 18-21, 2024
Gaylord Rockies - Aurora, CO

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